You Google for a while to find the address, look at the Street View and some photos of the building. It looks like a boring factory with some offices at the front, in a quiet corner of town with other similar buildings around it. Nothing special to see, but it's always good to check first. There is a nice looking cafe just down the road, and quite a few other companies nearby.

There are a few different things we could try:

Dumpster Dive

Some companies are not very careful about what they throw out. We could have a look in their skip bin to see if there is anything useful we could learn.

Dumpster Dive

War Driving

War Driving is where you go past the building in a car or on foot or by bike. You have a laptop or smartphone with software on it that looks for WiFi networks that we might be able to probe.

War Drive

Cafe Man In the Middle

Maybe some of the staff go to the cafe for lunch, or take a break there and catch up on some work when the office is noisy. Its not difficult to set up a fake wifi network to that pretends to be the cafe free wifi. If we go sit there for a few hours we could find something interesting. You check the cafe web site to find its opening hours: the donuts look pretty good...

Visit Cafe

Tech Support

A common trick used by hackers is to pretend to be an external tech support company. You walk in to the building with a bag of tools and tell reception you have come to fix the broken printer or reconfigure the networking cabinet (or something). There is almost always a broken printer in the building somewhere. In our case there is some risk. We don't know how the IT people at The Dept do things: do they do it all themselves? This approach might work if all the others do not.

Visit the Office