Next Steps

Want to learn more about ethical hacking?


A free fun way to learn cyber security, with small gamified lessons
Hack The Box
Has hands on hacking for all skill levels with a pool of practical labs to choose from
PortSwigger Academy
Free, online web security training from the creators of Burp Suite
Security Blue Team
Some courses are free
RangeForce Community Edition
Free courses for red and blue teaming, core tools
Has a range of paid courses

News / Blogs

Troy Hunt
A weekly blog and video with security news
The Hacker News
Many articles per day on unfolding security events
Schneier on Security
Often points to good articles on encryption
Krebs On Security
Irregular but on depth articles on security issues including banking and credit card fraud
Fire Eye
Threat research, stories, industry perspectives
Objective See
In depth technical analyses of Mac malware
Finding and fixing holes in Wordpress web sites


Live Overflow
6 years worth of demonstrating hacking techniques.
Lock Picking Lawyer
Shows how most physical locks are trivially opened

An entertaining weekly summary of security events around the globe
Darknet Diaries
True stories from the dark side of the internet. Some jaw dropping stuff that sounds like it is straight out of a spy novel.

Can you suggest any more?